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Out of thin air

Turn around, a tree samuume. Suddenly, a piece of tears.
If not this winter is very cold, but there are not so many people feel warm past happiness.
If it is not the end of the world once again become a laughingstock, tube amp maybe this time we, complain that the monotonous life.
Someone asked me, what is the youth. I say, I do not know what adjective just good, also do not know with what measure is appropriate.
Out of thin airWhen suddenly the child, has reached a ruoguan year. From the mountain to the crude tea, from the rich to the only, from dream to dream. Across, and is not just a period of time.
I was a bundle of contradictions. I pay attention to emotion is not to express feelings. Abnormal miss but can't explain. Hate trouble but not refuse. So, childish. So, heartless. So, a heartless.
Today this article, not for myself. Is for three people.
Just mentioned the youth, in the University of time, interpretation, and their related.
Youth is always keep trying, constantly challenge. This short two and a half years, never say die with a gentleman, really do not think of many things in the past.
Wei Jie and Tian Peng, two typical northern han. Of course, I'm single character. I still think, the university time the most relaxing time, is to sing while drinking, some night life geometry. Of course, the consumption of youth is not too good. But consider, we have many future consumption. Wei Jie natural needless to say, in addition to the feelings of others, I'm not worried. At least, I think I can't do better than him. Tian Peng, really, I also slightly worried. I'm a sense of crisis heavier people. With the ordinary words, is to think too much. But now I don't think there are many bad compass college. So, Tian Peng, you must be careful of. Dormant for two months and I, with two meeting is almost zero, it was ashamed. But as long as you have a good, stable, good. Xiao Yong is the three most reassuring under. Why, untold. In short, the price still needs time to grow, need social hone.
And you, I feel ashamed of one's ungainly appearance. However, I will try to catch up with you, and even beyond your. At least, I will keep this simple idea. Because I still hope that in the future we can still ask blue sky wine.
Night cool water, now seemed to feel the temperature of summer sleeping mat.
I wish you well in the end, after the first graduation season.
I wish you well in youth, after every day.Gradually, more and more far

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