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Simplifying is not something

Simplifying means different things to different people... for some it means selling everything and moving to the woods. For others, it means making minor or major lifestyle changes.12ax7
For everyone who chooses to simplify, it means taking a good, hard look at how you're living your life and what you're allowing to take up your time and energy.
I've seen dramatic benefits in my own life and the lives of my clients through simple simplifying, automating, deleting and de-cluttering the excess.
What are the benefits to simplifying? It is having more time and fewer demands. Often, in the busyness of life, we let treasured passions and interests lapse into dormancy in our life. When we simplify, more of our true loves can be expressed.
Simplifying :
- Helps you stay organized
- Gives you the freedom to spend your time/money/energy on things you really want
- Saves time from doing what you don't want
- Saves money
- Creates a more peaceful life/reduces stress
- Is energy efficient and friendly to the environment
Simplifying is not something you can complete over a weekend.Pieces Embroidery use
It takes some time, because as you go, you will continue to find more things that you can simplify. Simplifying is amazing, because it is the ONE project in your life that never gets done, but you don't seem to mind. There is always something else to throw out, or delete from your life, automate or delegate.

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