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Lover not full

There is a feeling, light, and always about friendship and love without stain, even after a long time still is light, does not have the fire had not angry. However, the seeds of friendship has been deeply, no matter when and where, our memory there is always an image with a lifetime.
AUO above, lover not full, perhaps was meant to meet is not enough twists and turns, may not be the time from the war. So, back to the earthly will still is a touch of love, shallow reading. Life such as water, appear trite and insignificant.
People in this dull life, to deduce how the love and hate, it is the interpretation of the life of the extraordinary. Legend is about love, winding strange love achievements of a body in the world of legend. And you and I are mortal, not out of color and gorgeous legendary, just met it with a heart of shame and unwilling. The ambiguous and smile across the curtain, the achievements of the fleeting time in the eternal war.
Often, we love and not, and didn't love. We loathe to give up a romance, a beautiful encounter, a copy of your pay for some love. We are still willing to, let the love in friendship road go farther. A magnificent; ornate; fascinating love, eventually became the years seemingly bland friendship, follow in sb.'s footsteps walking in the years of the old days.
First, we all had a cold ask warm friends of the opposite sex, cannot say he or she is good, but their psychological words and listen to each other, perhaps this is male or Confidante.
When young, inexperienced we experience concept of male or Confidante has not been deeply the feeling. We just think, the other is his best friend, is the kind of Taoxin Tao lung remain free of friendship.
AUO above, lover not full! But, from what when, we began to lost each other. Your heart, worry about personal gains and losses, unable to describe their feelings. All the time, you feel that you are his or her best and most dear friends. But, quietly, with a diaphragm between what you then fracture, never speak one's mind freely, then is not the kind of behavior understanding.
Suddenly, you feel that you love him or her. However, you don't know what he felt as he or she, don't know whether to also have with you the same love. You stand not, until that a love just miss the person or opportunity. His or her hand, than an arm in arm, and you are treading years of song into the marriage. You, then no intersection. Even met, but also clear the sentence: Oh, you are here? Then, you go back, the tears flowed.
How ruthless years, the two men had the tacit understanding into a casually met acquaintance; originally easy love, become tacky reserved. We eventually lost to time, lost to the world.
AUO above, lover not full. Looks beautiful, actually contains much bitterness and bitterness. Some good friends, because they have a lover or because of a turn about to export the "I love you" and embark on the road of no return. However. Some friendship, not love water; some love, friendship, not meaningful. So, or friendship or love, all the way to miss another heart of shame, a tired and a miss!
The most distant love, not too, you left, I was right; the most memorable love, than, more than, lover not full. Walk in the evening on the road, we always see a lamp light in the corner, inadvertently set off a ripple in our minds. In the orange lights, we remember that love, that the dim, that beautiful, that does not give up, the unwilling.

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