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Blind Lin Xi

Sixteen years ago, the hot days like climbing vines along the road, a layer of embedded in the ring of life.
The growth of pain, pain in the growth, distorted, twisted, produce the most beautiful flower in summer.
Part 1
"I miss you, I miss the past clear clean you, my dear little boy. "
Write these words in the forum, Xu Ke is in the CD storedownstairs, my knuckles are white hold a mobile phone, listen to thousands of miles away in the British city about his memory, his memory. Silence, silence, expressionless.
At that moment, hung up the phone, Taipei days in duration and long rainy season.
I walked along the road in Kaohsiung exquisite Fatong tree, took the umbrella, but forgot to open.
Where are you? My little boy.
Part 2
When I came back, with wet hair hanging in the forehead, I looked in the mirror and pale, removed all hide themselves, and then tear out, Ling called to say her four had, I think, I should be happy, but cannot say the words of blessing, so we had to press the END key to conceal be caught off guard, sense of loss, and then turn off the mobile phone has been sleeping, sleeping.
Part 3
One day, we will all grow old, no longer have the energy and passion all nighters, no longer have the stamina and health, the fashion will no longer have the same views and when young, will be cut to long hair, even if the grey-haired, also no longer Hair Coloring, not to KTV, not to Starbucks, also no longer go out attention, no longer flights, and the airport broken contact, has poor eyesight...... Even so, I also want to spend an afternoon tea time and you can talk, even if therefore missed a movie, a play, a chess game.
So I, should be happy, but I still panic is old to go to, even though I'm still young.
I see the future, you know, so this is read, only do a purposeless memory.
Part 4
Great sense of time, have hitherto unknown amplification in this city, I sat in the station along the street, looking at the distant increasingly declining neon, did not speak.
Finally, the dream and spirit we were all lost to the great time, the boy a few years ago, and finally become the dust in a tiny particles, the wind annihilations.
Part 5
The DIORE has established, only I and Ling Ling two people every day, still have to go to work, so a lot of time is a person in my everything, I put a huge computer bag, go to Tainan, lotus and others talk about business, I a person to write planning books, a person watching the contract, one person financial, the whole person to be a good wind machine, just press the red button control switch, can according to start program tireless running in high speed, until the stored power is one discharge and light, or machine explosion would have called.

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