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The moon will break the cocoon into a butterfly

Life is a reality, eventually perfectionism fantasy unrealistic trajectory. Seemingly static good years, but set people thinking. I think, a butterfly, will go through a process of suffering and struggle. In this process, need courage and power savings to press forward with indomitable will. Until all the physical and psychological maturity, bound for the butterfly wings.
People in this life, alive, we must follow the law of nature, people, is to respect human life. Too in a cocoon around oneself, when used to nature, is all the sorrow accompanying. Truly loves you the person, can place oneself in others'position consider all kinds of feelings and situations in your life, rather than blindly exacting demands. Save heaven, and destroying human desires, take you prisoner into a will be breathing a dead-alive person, at least let you lose the fun of life Love is selfish, but too selfish, it is not love. The loss of trust, respect and human bondage, is on a living soul pieces. You can choose to accept, but, if you want to be clear, so when you pay, in the passage of time, then lost the ability to self survival, which one do you think is the people all over the world, he Is it right? Really can never abandon, not his life to protect you? There are many times in life, absolutely not you pay a, will harvest a cup. Although the total to say easily, but as a new era of women, you love others, to love themselves. Life is short, why suffer myself!
The life only have once, Shaohua perishable. If you don't own the power savings, when you no longer have the young capital, what you get, to match the life all sorts of merciless test?
People can not live too simple, too inflexible. Cross flow in the material of the complex world, holding your thoughts, principles to follow you, perhaps already was the social flood impact into a sharp sword, become hurt his tools. Always think, faith, sincere to pay, can construct their own inner world that for a flawless. However, the reality is so cruel to tell you, love, forever is only a kind of ideal realm. You can give up the ideal, give up a career to give up blooming young passion in life, but you can never change the way people cool thin and that many of the inconstancy of human relationships.
Watches and clocks, can back to the starting point, but has not yesterday; calendar, tore a page is simple, but it is difficult to seize the day. Baiyun Xiu, bird also nest, in those fleeting shadow flying, how much did you get? We have lost?
Some people to you, because you is good for him; some people to you, because you know the good. But will also some people, no matter you are good to him, or your own good, he does not understand? People always thought in vacant, survive in contradiction. Life is not a great dream, we need to honestly face, really understand.
Sometimes, do not know how to experience many things, to let yourself see these trends: also don't know what to feel how much loss, can let oneself firm and indomitable determination. Always for others, their own grievances; always concerned about the feelings of others, while ignoring their own inner poverty; always want to pursue a perfect, repressed again depressed. Always thought that the operation of pains and pay, you can get their desired that a brighter future. But the fact has repeatedly told me that selfish people are naturally with the greedy nature. Longitudinal is you do again good, pay more, it may not get the kind of affection and the approval you want. It's a never minimum gap, you put more in vain. You give more and more to lose value, it is like a never unfair trading. But, if the world rain, already in the silent dense into a layer of mist, looking back, whether you also find that when the road?
Think of the white Luo Mei a word; "because to understand, so mercy". This is how the meaning of a sentence. Indeed, in the life of a know, can win but countless. But it is not easy to request. Perhaps, in such a busy world, who can't be days like floating clouds and flowing water. The time of life, always just a spectator, who walked the Pinghu misty rain, all the process and result of calendar time land, will all need our own to bear neo skin lab derma21..  

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Blind Lin Xi

Sixteen years ago, the hot days like climbing vines along the road, a layer of embedded in the ring of life.
The growth of pain, pain in the growth, distorted, twisted, produce the most beautiful flower in summer.
Part 1
"I miss you, I miss the past clear clean you, my dear little boy. "
Write these words in the forum, Xu Ke is in the CD storedownstairs, my knuckles are white hold a mobile phone, listen to thousands of miles away in the British city about his memory, his memory. Silence, silence, expressionless.
At that moment, hung up the phone, Taipei days in duration and long rainy season.
I walked along the road in Kaohsiung exquisite Fatong tree, took the umbrella, but forgot to open.
Where are you? My little boy.
Part 2
When I came back, with wet hair hanging in the forehead, I looked in the mirror and pale, removed all hide themselves, and then tear out, Ling called to say her four had, I think, I should be happy, but cannot say the words of blessing, so we had to press the END key to conceal be caught off guard, sense of loss, and then turn off the mobile phone has been sleeping, sleeping.
Part 3
One day, we will all grow old, no longer have the energy and passion all nighters, no longer have the stamina and health, the fashion will no longer have the same views and when young, will be cut to long hair, even if the grey-haired, also no longer Hair Coloring, not to KTV, not to Starbucks, also no longer go out attention, no longer flights, and the airport broken contact, has poor eyesight...... Even so, I also want to spend an afternoon tea time and you can talk, even if therefore missed a movie, a play, a chess game.
So I, should be happy, but I still panic is old to go to, even though I'm still young.
I see the future, you know, so this is read, only do a purposeless memory.
Part 4
Great sense of time, have hitherto unknown amplification in this city, I sat in the station along the street, looking at the distant increasingly declining neon, did not speak.
Finally, the dream and spirit we were all lost to the great time, the boy a few years ago, and finally become the dust in a tiny particles, the wind annihilations.
Part 5
The DIORE has established, only I and Ling Ling two people every day, still have to go to work, so a lot of time is a person in my everything, I put a huge computer bag, go to Tainan, lotus and others talk about business, I a person to write planning books, a person watching the contract, one person financial, the whole person to be a good wind machine, just press the red button control switch, can according to start program tireless running in high speed, until the stored power is one discharge and light, or machine explosion would have called.  

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Lover not full

There is a feeling, light, and always about friendship and love without stain, even after a long time still is light, does not have the fire had not angry. However, the seeds of friendship has been deeply, no matter when and where, our memory there is always an image with a lifetime.
AUO above, lover not full, perhaps was meant to meet is not enough twists and turns, may not be the time from the war. So, back to the earthly will still is a touch of love, shallow reading. Life such as water, appear trite and insignificant.
People in this dull life, to deduce how the love and hate, it is the interpretation of the life of the extraordinary. Legend is about love, winding strange love achievements of a body in the world of legend. And you and I are mortal, not out of color and gorgeous legendary, just met it with a heart of shame and unwilling. The ambiguous and smile across the curtain, the achievements of the fleeting time in the eternal war.
Often, we love and not, and didn't love. We loathe to give up a romance, a beautiful encounter, a copy of your pay for some love. We are still willing to, let the love in friendship road go farther. A magnificent; ornate; fascinating love, eventually became the years seemingly bland friendship, follow in sb.'s footsteps walking in the years of the old days.
First, we all had a cold ask warm friends of the opposite sex, cannot say he or she is good, but their psychological words and listen to each other, perhaps this is male or Confidante.
When young, inexperienced we experience concept of male or Confidante has not been deeply the feeling. We just think, the other is his best friend, is the kind of Taoxin Tao lung remain free of friendship.
AUO above, lover not full! But, from what when, we began to lost each other. Your heart, worry about personal gains and losses, unable to describe their feelings. All the time, you feel that you are his or her best and most dear friends. But, quietly, with a diaphragm between what you then fracture, never speak one's mind freely, then is not the kind of behavior understanding.
Suddenly, you feel that you love him or her. However, you don't know what he felt as he or she, don't know whether to also have with you the same love. You stand not, until that a love just miss the person or opportunity. His or her hand, than an arm in arm, and you are treading years of song into the marriage. You, then no intersection. Even met, but also clear the sentence: Oh, you are here? Then, you go back, the tears flowed.
How ruthless years, the two men had the tacit understanding into a casually met acquaintance; originally easy love, become tacky reserved. We eventually lost to time, lost to the world.
AUO above, lover not full. Looks beautiful, actually contains much bitterness and bitterness. Some good friends, because they have a lover or because of a turn about to export the "I love you" and embark on the road of no return. However. Some friendship, not love water; some love, friendship, not meaningful. So, or friendship or love, all the way to miss another heart of shame, a tired and a miss!
The most distant love, not too, you left, I was right; the most memorable love, than, more than, lover not full. Walk in the evening on the road, we always see a lamp light in the corner, inadvertently set off a ripple in our minds. In the orange lights, we remember that love, that the dim, that beautiful, that does not give up, the unwilling.  

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A great gift to buy

Your husband may already wear certain types of jewellery. In which case, you can more easily select the kinds of style that he would like. Does he go for silver or gold? Chunky, elaborate, plain, engraved? There are countless types of jewellery for men and it shouldn't be just a female dominated area.

If your husband doesn't usually wear jewellery, then it may be worth asking some subtle questions beforehand to gauge what he needs, or if he would like anything specific.

For some ideas of what jewellery you can buy your husband this Christmas, there are plenty of options. There is a huge array of cufflinks on the market in varying styles and some seriously smart designs for your husband. A great gift to buy, especially if he wears shirts frequently; you can choose cufflinks that reflect his hobbies or tastes.

Tie clips are another perfect gift for a smart professional. In silver and gold, you can choose what would suit your husband the best. Small, but perfectly formed, he is bound to be happy with such an exclusive looking item.

What about buying your husband a ring? You can get some excellent rings up and down the high street these days and are a fantastic Christmas gift for your loved one to unwrap.

Does he wear an earring or stud? There are huge sections in most of the well known shops that offer a range of inexpensive, but quality jewellery for men. This would be a great surprise for your husband and put a twinkle into both your Christmases.

Lots of men like wearing chains and bracelets too. Again, there's a huge variety on the market, from some of the larger franchise shops to more exclusive jewellers. Available in a wealth of thicknesses and designs, you'll be surprised how affordable lots of these kinds of jewellery are.  

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Fairyland Malaysia know

To the people of Malaysia know, Genting is not only a summer resort, Malaysia is also the largest casino. Stand in downtown Kuala Lumpur North view, you can clearly see the mountains, stands a beautiful mountain city, it is Malaysia's most proud of a happy place Hao, Genting city of entertainment.
We are a pedestrian car just approached at the foot of the mountain, feel the clouds rolling in the head, floating car, go halfway up the mountain, fog filled the air with sporadic rain, if the sky suddenly dark. The car goes to the mountain after they get off, sit cable car up the top of the hill, about to sit for 17 minutes, will reach the top of the hill. Cable car ride in the air, you can see a lot of places are dense trees, still keep the original state, no one dared to come too close, there are many wild animals, snakes.prada handbags sale
Cable car up feeling more steep, just like in the wind around the clouds, mountains overlap, green trees, flowers and lush Yu Maosheng, fresh air and pleasant, look attractive Yunding buildings located 1772 meters Wulukali mountains, scenery, recreational facilities, and an artificial lake, the lake train, golf, swimming pool, suspension bridge. And the brook, also can go boating, there are now three of the hotel on the mountain, some as high as eighteen nine layer.
In the mist around, as if the sea of clouds in the Penglai Pavilion, also like a mirage, here you can enjoy the sea of clouds and fog waves change unpredictably scene spectacle. Blue skies, open field of vision, the night Xi Guan, is expected to Kuala Lumpur brilliant neon lights, overlooking the sea of clouds at dawn, gorgeous.財務
During the day in Genting can swim Lake Scenic ride horse, play, enjoy the natural scenery of the pure. You can visit the Genting Casino Night, have a look the dense crowd, like a maze of rooms, people everywhere, can be used to describe the huge crowds of people, men and women old young, of course you are not 21 years old, so you don't come in yet, here can play something else, here is the entertainment city, place to play it. Malaysia is the only legal casino.
To build a house, in such a high place to build the high rises, is not an easy thing, is the car from the mountain bottom up, also have a very long time to get there, a lot of material is the use of a helicopter, was transported to the top of the hill, now also has a small airport, is to provide money to the bank use.Interesting me a heartless world  

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Simplifying is not something

Simplifying means different things to different people... for some it means selling everything and moving to the woods. For others, it means making minor or major lifestyle changes.12ax7
For everyone who chooses to simplify, it means taking a good, hard look at how you're living your life and what you're allowing to take up your time and energy.
I've seen dramatic benefits in my own life and the lives of my clients through simple simplifying, automating, deleting and de-cluttering the excess.
What are the benefits to simplifying? It is having more time and fewer demands. Often, in the busyness of life, we let treasured passions and interests lapse into dormancy in our life. When we simplify, more of our true loves can be expressed.
Simplifying :
- Helps you stay organized
- Gives you the freedom to spend your time/money/energy on things you really want
- Saves time from doing what you don't want
- Saves money
- Creates a more peaceful life/reduces stress
- Is energy efficient and friendly to the environment
Simplifying is not something you can complete over a weekend.Pieces Embroidery use
It takes some time, because as you go, you will continue to find more things that you can simplify. Simplifying is amazing, because it is the ONE project in your life that never gets done, but you don't seem to mind. There is always something else to throw out, or delete from your life, automate or delegate.

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Out of thin air

Turn around, a tree samuume. Suddenly, a piece of tears.
If not this winter is very cold, but there are not so many people feel warm past happiness.
If it is not the end of the world once again become a laughingstock, tube amp maybe this time we, complain that the monotonous life.
Someone asked me, what is the youth. I say, I do not know what adjective just good, also do not know with what measure is appropriate.
When suddenly the child, has reached a ruoguan year. From the mountain to the crude tea, from the rich to the only, from dream to dream. Across, and is not just a period of time.
I was a bundle of contradictions. I pay attention to emotion is not to express feelings. Abnormal miss but can't explain. Hate trouble but not refuse. So, childish. So, heartless. So, a heartless.
Today this article, not for myself. Is for three people.
Just mentioned the youth, in the University of time, interpretation, and their related.
Youth is always keep trying, constantly challenge. This short two and a half years, never say die with a gentleman, really do not think of many things in the past.
Wei Jie and Tian Peng, two typical northern han. Of course, I'm single character. I still think, the university time the most relaxing time, is to sing while drinking, some night life geometry. Of course, the consumption of youth is not too good. But consider, we have many future consumption. Wei Jie natural needless to say, in addition to the feelings of others, I'm not worried. At least, I think I can't do better than him. Tian Peng, really, I also slightly worried. I'm a sense of crisis heavier people. With the ordinary words, is to think too much. But now I don't think there are many bad compass college. So, Tian Peng, you must be careful of. Dormant for two months and I, with two meeting is almost zero, it was ashamed. But as long as you have a good, stable, good. Xiao Yong is the three most reassuring under. Why, untold. In short, the price still needs time to grow, need social hone.
And you, I feel ashamed of one's ungainly appearance. However, I will try to catch up with you, and even beyond your. At least, I will keep this simple idea. Because I still hope that in the future we can still ask blue sky wine.
Night cool water, now seemed to feel the temperature of summer sleeping mat.
I wish you well in the end, after the first graduation season.
I wish you well in youth, after every day.Gradually, more and more far  

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