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A great gift to buy

Your husband may already wear certain types of jewellery. In which case, you can more easily select the kinds of style that he would like. Does he go for silver or gold? Chunky, elaborate, plain, engraved? There are countless types of jewellery for men and it shouldn't be just a female dominated area.

If your husband doesn't usually wear jewellery, then it may be worth asking some subtle questions beforehand to gauge what he needs, or if he would like anything specific.

For some ideas of what jewellery you can buy your husband this Christmas, there are plenty of options. There is a huge array of cufflinks on the market in varying styles and some seriously smart designs for your husband. A great gift to buy, especially if he wears shirts frequently; you can choose cufflinks that reflect his hobbies or tastes.

Tie clips are another perfect gift for a smart professional. In silver and gold, you can choose what would suit your husband the best. Small, but perfectly formed, he is bound to be happy with such an exclusive looking item.

What about buying your husband a ring? You can get some excellent rings up and down the high street these days and are a fantastic Christmas gift for your loved one to unwrap.

Does he wear an earring or stud? There are huge sections in most of the well known shops that offer a range of inexpensive, but quality jewellery for men. This would be a great surprise for your husband and put a twinkle into both your Christmases.

Lots of men like wearing chains and bracelets too. Again, there's a huge variety on the market, from some of the larger franchise shops to more exclusive jewellers. Available in a wealth of thicknesses and designs, you'll be surprised how affordable lots of these kinds of jewellery are.

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