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The moon will break the cocoon into a butterfly

Life is a reality, eventually perfectionism fantasy unrealistic trajectory. Seemingly static good years, but set people thinking. I think, a butterfly, will go through a process of suffering and struggle. In this process, need courage and power savings to press forward with indomitable will. Until all the physical and psychological maturity, bound for the butterfly wings.
People in this life, alive, we must follow the law of nature, people, is to respect human life. Too in a cocoon around oneself, when used to nature, is all the sorrow accompanying. Truly loves you the person, can place oneself in others'position consider all kinds of feelings and situations in your life, rather than blindly exacting demands. Save heaven, and destroying human desires, take you prisoner into a will be breathing a dead-alive person, at least let you lose the fun of life Love is selfish, but too selfish, it is not love. The loss of trust, respect and human bondage, is on a living soul pieces. You can choose to accept, but, if you want to be clear, so when you pay, in the passage of time, then lost the ability to self survival, which one do you think is the people all over the world, he Is it right? Really can never abandon, not his life to protect you? There are many times in life, absolutely not you pay a, will harvest a cup. Although the total to say easily, but as a new era of women, you love others, to love themselves. Life is short, why suffer myself!
The life only have once, Shaohua perishable. If you don't own the power savings, when you no longer have the young capital, what you get, to match the life all sorts of merciless test?
People can not live too simple, too inflexible. Cross flow in the material of the complex world, holding your thoughts, principles to follow you, perhaps already was the social flood impact into a sharp sword, become hurt his tools. Always think, faith, sincere to pay, can construct their own inner world that for a flawless. However, the reality is so cruel to tell you, love, forever is only a kind of ideal realm. You can give up the ideal, give up a career to give up blooming young passion in life, but you can never change the way people cool thin and that many of the inconstancy of human relationships.
Watches and clocks, can back to the starting point, but has not yesterday; calendar, tore a page is simple, but it is difficult to seize the day. Baiyun Xiu, bird also nest, in those fleeting shadow flying, how much did you get? We have lost?
Some people to you, because you is good for him; some people to you, because you know the good. But will also some people, no matter you are good to him, or your own good, he does not understand? People always thought in vacant, survive in contradiction. Life is not a great dream, we need to honestly face, really understand.
Sometimes, do not know how to experience many things, to let yourself see these trends: also don't know what to feel how much loss, can let oneself firm and indomitable determination. Always for others, their own grievances; always concerned about the feelings of others, while ignoring their own inner poverty; always want to pursue a perfect, repressed again depressed. Always thought that the operation of pains and pay, you can get their desired that a brighter future. But the fact has repeatedly told me that selfish people are naturally with the greedy nature. Longitudinal is you do again good, pay more, it may not get the kind of affection and the approval you want. It's a never minimum gap, you put more in vain. You give more and more to lose value, it is like a never unfair trading. But, if the world rain, already in the silent dense into a layer of mist, looking back, whether you also find that when the road?
Think of the white Luo Mei a word; "because to understand, so mercy". This is how the meaning of a sentence. Indeed, in the life of a know, can win but countless. But it is not easy to request. Perhaps, in such a busy world, who can't be days like floating clouds and flowing water. The time of life, always just a spectator, who walked the Pinghu misty rain, all the process and result of calendar time land, will all need our own to bear neo skin lab derma21..

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